Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Business Card Translation
In case you’re new to the world of Asian business card translation, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the more frequently asked questions. If there is a question you do not see listed, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to contact us for a cost estimate, please use our express business card translation free quote form.

What Asian business card translation languages do you support?

What Asian business card translation languages do you support?
We specialize in Asian business card translation. This includes all major Asian languages such as: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. However, we can also perform business card translation and typesetting services in over 30 different languages, including Arabic, Russian, and many others.

How to request a free business card translation quote?

How to request a free Asian business card translation quote
We have an interactive free express form to assist you with your quote. Please fill out our free quote request form, and you will receive your exact cost estimate for your project.

How much does it cost?

How much is your Asian business card translation service?
Since each project is completely custom and has different price and delivery options, please fill out our free quote request form for exact pricing on your next project.

Do You Have Business Card Examples?

Do you have Examples of Translated Business Cards I can Review?
Absolutely. Please visit our business card sample pages to get an idea of how your card many look when fully translated and localized:

If My Business Card is Vertical, is this OK?

Is a vertical Asian business card ok?
Not a problem. We can translate, typeset, localize and print your business card in either a horizontal or vertical format.

I Don't Have an Electronic File, is this OK?

I Don’t Have an Electronic File is this OK?
Yes. We have a wide variety of templates in different file formats. Please check our template page for more information. We can also assist you if you’d like to fax us a sample of your existing English business card, or if you’d like us to re-create a card layout using a standard template. Supported applications include Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe InDesign®, QuarkXPress®, and many more.

Can I Scan/Email You My English Business Card?

Can I scan/email you a sample of my English business card?
Yes, absolutely. Each order is a custom order and we will match your current English business card design if you have one that you would like to use for this project. Although a native press-ready PDF or source file of your current English business card is ideal, we can review the scanned image of your business card and then re-create your English card in an electronic format. However, if you have a custom logo used on your English business card, you will need to email us your company logo(s) in a print-ready format. If you have your logo in various file formats, the ideal format is vector EPS, but please email us all versions of your logo and we can select the ideal option to use for your layout.

Can I Fax You My English Business Card?

Can I fax you my English business card?
Yes. You can fax us a copy or mockup of your business card. We will then match this fax to our existing template files to re-create your English card in an electronic format. However, your company logo(s) will need to be submitted to us via email in a print-ready format if required. Our fax number is: (510) 380-6878.

What Business Card Layout Options Do I Have?

Asian Business Card Translation Layout Options:
For your business card layout options, we’re flexible. The most common layout option is to produce a dual-language bilingual business card with English on one side, and the translated target language on the other. However, we offer the following options:

A. Single-Language Business Card, Front Side Only, Blank Back:
We can utilize your existing English business card and translate the specified areas into your exact target language. This will result in a replacement card that is completely in Japanese, for example, with the reverse blank. This can be targeted to any of the Asian languages we have to offer.

B. Dual-Language Business Card, Front Side Only, Blank Back:
We can revise your original layout and create a special dual-language version of your business card on one side. For this option, your original English business card will also have your target language translation included on the same side, with the reverse side blank. This can be targeted to any of the Asian languages we have to offer.

C. Dual-Language, Two Sided Bilingual Business Cards, Front/Back:
We can also provide you with a dual-language option, with English on the front and any desired target language on the reverse. This will result in your standard English business card on one side, and a target language (such as Chinese) fully translated and localized on the reverse. This can be targeted to any of the Asian languages we have to offer.

(Option “C” is by far the most popular option for most clients.)

Can I Choose Which Business Card Items to Translate?

Can I Choose Which Business Card Items to Translate?
Absolutely. We can accommodate special requests and/or any client-preference for translated business cards. Our goal is to ensure that the business cards you receive meet your exact specifications. Thus, there are a few client-based options one should consider when translating/localizing business cards:

A. Translate the company name?
To preserve consistency among all marketing material, most clients prefer that their company name remain in English, even on translated business cards. Please advise us on your preference.

B. Translate the mailing address?
Some clients keep their USA-based mailing address in English, even on translated business cards; primarily, because this address must be in English for mailings to the USA, etc. However, for dual-sided cards, one can elect to translate the mailing address on the target language side since the original side will remain in English. Please advise us on your preference.

C. Does your business card have a tagline?
Some business cards have taglines included in English. Most clients prefer that taglines remain in English for branding purposes, even for translated cards. Please advise us on your preference.

D. Toll-free telephone numbers?
Many toll-free numbers (such as “800 numbers”) do not work overseas, or they are not toll-free. Most clients choose to omit these numbers entirely and replace them with a standard USA-based phone line. Another option is to translate a special note that explains that these numbers are only toll-free from America. (Note: Depending on the card’s layout, it is not always advisable to include the toll-free explanation, as it will seriously distort the card’s layout.).

E. Already have a specific translated name?
Again, our goal is to work with you and ensure that each card meets your exact specifications. For example, if you have a Japanese-American name, and would like to provide the exact kanji characters on your business card, we can include this. You can always fax us any specific characters to use on your business cards.

What do you mean by 'How Many Individuals Need Translated Business cards'?

How many individuals need translated business cards?
This question is found on our express free quote request form. This is simply how many different individuals need translated business cards for your project. This is not to be confused with the amount of printed cards you may need. By “individuals” we mean the actual different business cards we will be translating. If you are only requesting the translation of your own card into Korean, then this number would be one. If you have four members of your group going to Japan and you need business cards for four different individuals, then this number will be four, etc.

What is the Typical Translation Process?

Ordering Process for Asian Business Cards:

  1. Client submits original English business card electronic files to or emails/faxes a sample layout.
  2. We have our native-speaking professional translator review the file and translate the necessary material. This step takes into account any cultural or linguistic issues, translation, etc.
  3. Our Multilingual Graphics Specialists initiate typesetting and flow the translated text into your desired layout.
  4. Our professional translator reviews the final localized file, and gives their approval.
  5. An optional PDF proof is submitted to the client, and final files are collected for output and delivered. (Actual business cards are printed by the client, or selected as a print option and delivered from

What Final Deliverable Options Do I Have?

Asian Translated Business Cards: PDF or Printed Cards

A. Press-Ready PDF electronic file only
All Asian fonts converted to vector-based paths, (a graphic,) and perfectly positioned into your original QuarkXPress®, Adobe Illustrator®, or Adobe InDesign® document, etc. The final result is a Press-Ready PDF file you can take to ANY local printer. The final file is sent via email.

B. Printed Business Cards
We offer CMYK full color or black-ink only printing on white premium 14pt. semi-gloss [protective coated] cover stock.

Many clients enjoy the Press-Ready PDF option listed above which provides a cost-effective option they can take to any print vendor. The vendor will not need any specialized fonts, applications or operating systems to print these files. Our process ensures that all final files will print smoothly, and always at the highest resolution possible for any language. However, we also offer full-color printed business cards to give you the most flexibility for your project.

What are the Printed Card Details/Features?

What are the Printed Card Details/Features?

Printed Card Details & Features
We offer CMYK full color or black-ink only printing on white premium 14pt. semi-gloss [protective coated] cover stock. Our full-color business cards offer you the most flexibility for your project. Our process color cards offer the following features:

Our 14pt. semi-gloss (protective coated) cover stock:
This is our most popular option, producing dazzling results whether your layout contains simple splashes of color, or full photographic images.

  • Premium thick 14pt. semi-gloss (protective coated) cover stock (white)
  • Full-color printing on one or both sides
  • Horizontal or vertical printing
  • Standard 3.5” x 2” format
  • Semi-gloss (protective coated) on both sides for durability (water-resistant)
  • Full bleeds available
Do I Need Simplified or Traditional Chinese?

Simplified or Traditional Chinese Business Card Translation?
Your option for Simplified or Traditional Chinese is based on the region you will be visiting. Please see below.

Simplified Chinese:
Used in mainland China (mainland areas such as Shanghai, Beijing, Canton, etc.). Also used in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Traditional Chinese:
Used in Taiwan, areas of Hong Kong and Macau.

What is the Estimated Turnaround Time?

Asian Business Card Translation Turnaround Time
Our translation and graphics experts can submit final electronic files back to you within 2-3 business days for a standard turnaround, or up to same day for rush requests. Rush services are also available for printed business cards as well. Please submit a free quote request to get the exact costs/turnaround time for your desired project.

How Can I Submit Files to You?

How To Submit Files to
Email submission is ideal. If files are too large for email, we can give you instructions for uploading files to our FTP server, or you can submit files via Dropbox, etc. However, because business card graphics are usually not very large, email submission is optimal.

How Do I Receive Final Files or Printed Cards from You?

How do I Receive Files or Printed Cards from You?
In most cases, we will deliver all final electronic business card files via email. This allows us to accept files from all over the globe, and deliver files directly to your email account for the fastest service possible. If email delivery is a problem, we can place files on our outgoing DropBox/FTP/web directory, or submit final files directly to your print vendor. Printed cards are shipped via UPS.

Do You Do Other Translation Projects?

Does Your Company Do Other Translation or Typesetting Projects?
Absolutely. is a division of Luna Concepts, LLC. Luna Concepts, LLC has over twenty years of experience working on multilingual brochures and packaging from some of the largest companies on the planet. (Clients include, HP, Netgear, Intel, etc.) Please feel free to visit Luna Concepts, LLC for more information.

Have More Questions, Need Help? Need a Quote?

Have More Questions, Need Help? Need a Quote?
For the most accurate cost estimate, please use our free express business card translation quote form. If you have any additional questions not covered here, please contact us.

Translation Quality You Can Trust

We are experts in Asian business card translation. We have been in business since 1999, and we specialize in Asian business cards suitable for exchange in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and so on. Our mission is to provide you with the best translation quality on-time, every time. We never use translation software and only have professional native-language-speaking translators on staff. Many companies overlook the impact that a bilingual business card can have on your business. We don’t. We take special pride in our work and are committed to ensuring that your business card translation project is given as much care and thought as it deserves. So whether you need Simplified Chinese business cards, Traditional Chinese business cards, Japanese business cards, Korean business cards, Vietnamese business cards, Arabic business cards, or more, we have you covered.

With translators fluent in many languages, or staff can assist you with bilingual business cards in over 40 different languages. Being experts in the field, we know the typesetting requirements that are needed for many complex Asian typesetting languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and others. However, we can also assist you in non-Asian bilingual business cards for languages such as Russian, Czech, French (Euro or Canadian,) German, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Polish, Slovak, Croatian, and many more.


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