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AsianBusinessCards.com, a division of Luna Concepts LLC, is a translation agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area celebrating over twenty years of quality service. Luna Concepts LLC was founded in 1999 by a former Asian graphics specialist from one of the top localization firms in the world. As customer demands for translated business cards grew, we created our dedicated site AsianBusinessCards.com with quality and customer service in mind. AsianBusinessCards.com adopts the same Luna Concepts LLC principle of delivering the highest quality multilingual business cards possible, on time, every time.

Business card Translation Services

At AsianBusinessCards.com, we specialize in business card translation/typesetting/printing for the key target languages in Asia. These languages include: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese. We also offer translation and multilingual business card and document translation services in over 30 different languages. These include European languages as well as complex typesetting languages such as Arabic, Russian, Greek, and more. Need business cards translated in virtually any language? Simply contact us for a free quote.

Professional, Native-Language Speaking Translators

At AsianBusinessCards.com, we only use top quality translators. Yes, these are actual human beings who specialize in the nuances of company names, addresses, and business titles used on translated business cards. We do not use translation software (Google Translate, etc.) of any kind. We only use native-language speaking translators who are specialists in this field. Translation quality is of the utmost importance to us. Where other agencies may cut corners and use software-based translation that could be highly inaccurate, we never do this. Your business card is often the first impression you give to prospective clients, so translation quality is paramount. Where others may cut costs, we are USA-based and our experience of being in business for over twenty years has allowed us to build a reputation you can trust.

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Not sure if we’re right for you? Please take a look at a small sampling of our client testimonials for just some of the comments we’ve received from satisfied clients over the past 20+ years.

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The Press Releases area of our site contains Press Releases, news, and media information related to AsianBusinessCards.com.

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