Japanese Business Card Translation

Japanese Business Cards

Create single-sided or dual-sided translated business cards for your trip to Japan, or meeting with Japanese clients here at home.

Japanese Business Cards
Chinese Business Card Translation

Chinese Business Cards

Simplified Chinese business card translation for mainland China, or Traditional Chinese business card translation for Taiwan. We do it all.

Chinese Business Cards
Korean Business Card Translation

Korean Business Cards

Have our translators create fully translated business cards into Korean. You can use our existing templates, or submit your own.

Korean Business Cards
Welcome to AsianBusinessCards.com - Japanese, Chinese & Korean Asian Bilingual Business Card Translation, Typesetting & Printing.

Japanese, Chinese & Korean - Asian Bilingual Business Card Translation, Typesetting & Printing. Contact us for a free quote.

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At AsianBusinessCards.com, we offer typesetting, localization and full-color translated Asian business cards. This includes English & Japanese business cards, English & Chinese business cards, and English & Korean business cards. We also perform business card translation in over 30 different languages. Having been in business for over ten years, multilingual business cards are our specialty. Layouts can be selected from our pre-made design templates, or we can customize your current English business card to be suitable for Asian business card translation, typesetting and printing.

ArrowSingle or Two-Sided Bilingual Business Cards

Ordering two-sided translated business cards are vital when doing business in Japan, China or Korea. We recommend two-sided multilingual business cards, translated with English on one side and your potential client's native language on the other. This way, you can present the card with the target language facing up to really make a lasting and effective first impression with your clients throughout all parts of Asia. We can provide either fully printed dual-sided color Asian business cards shipped directly to your door, or email you a press-ready electronic file that you can have printed at any local printer. The choice is yours.

ArrowJapanese, Korean & Chinese Business Card Typesetting

Proper business card translation and typesetting for Japanese Business Cards, Korean Business Cards or Chinese Business Cards is not something to take lightly. In Asia there are many factors that go into typesetting the perfect business card. It takes experience and expertise to properly translate and typeset Japanese, Chinese or Korean business cards. Complex Asian characters at limited point sizes can cause issues with formatting and full-color printing for the inexperienced. However, we have years of experience and specially trained desktop publishing (DTP) experts in the field of Asian typesetting to ensure your project is completed successfully.

ArrowExperienced Foreign Language Translation Experts

As important as Asian business card typesetting is, the quality and accuracy of the translation are equally important. With our extensive knowledge of Asian business cards, we know the importance of not only the presentation of each card, but the quality of the translation. We only use professional native-language speaking translators and never use translation software. Unlike many translation agencies that may only offer services in one language, we have full-color printing and pre-press specialists in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and over 30 different languages.

ArrowCost-Effective Business Card Translation Options

We understand the need to keep costs down. By having in-house specialists with years of experience producing Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean and Japanese business cards, we can offer cost-effective translation & typesetting options that often meet or beat other agencies. We also are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and only use native-language speaking professional translators in Chinese, Japanese and Korean who are now based in the USA. This is important when dealing with the translation of company names or localization of unique taglines that require a specialized nuance that other agencies (who outsource their material overseas) may not be able to understand. We also offer optional RUSH services, sometimes even same-day, with the quickest turnaround times possible for projects that need to be completed ASAP.

ArrowCustomer Service and On-Time Delivery

Drawing from our in-house specialists in Japanese, Chinese and Korean typesetting, we offer a variety of options for both budget-minded clients and those that require rush services. We hear time and time again about other agencies that fail to meet the obligations of their deadlines. At AsianBusinessCards.com we meet our deadlines, always with translation quality in mind to ensure that you receive your accurate high-quality business card translation project on time.

ArrowMore Than Just a Business Card Translation Company

Although our focus here is business card translation, we can also utilize the same skills for localization of larger international projects such as packaging, brochures, manuals, and more. So if you need multilingual printed materials for your business travel to Asia, or marketing collateral for any overseas business, we can help. We have the latest software tools and resources to assist you with your multilingual needs.

ArrowYour 100% Complete Satisfaction is Our Goal

Our goal at AsianBusinessCards.com is to provide the highest quality business card translation, localization and typesetting on time, every time. So if you require full-color printing, dual-sided multilingual business cards, Korean business cards, horizontal/vertical Japanese meishi, or Chinese business cards in Simplified or Traditional characters (Mandarin or Cantonese), AsianBusinessCards.com has the services you need. We are experts in bilingual business card translation, typesetting and printing.

Ordering Bilingual Business CardsContact Us For a Free Business Card Translation Quote

Never underestimate the importance of a professionally translated business card! AsianBusinessCards.com has the knowledge and experience to make ordering bilingual business cards as easy as a few clicks. Please contact us today for a free business card translation quote.

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