Double Up Your Business With Double Sided Business Cards

Sample Dual Bilingual Chinese Business Cards

Double Up Your Business With Double Sided Business Cards

Double sided business cards are doubly effective. They basically double the size of your business card and help you increase your marketing strategies in an inexpensive way.

It is a general observation that whenever you hand over your business card to someone, they flip it over in their hands. What better way to impart information regarding your business to them than printing it on the back of your card, especially when your prospective customer is going to flip the card over anyway?

Business cards of this nature can be conveniently referred to as small brochures containing information about you and your company such as your name, your business name, your address or your company’s address, company logo, contact number (phone and fax), email address, site’s URL etc. You should try and make the best use of the space you have without compromising the appearance and design of the card.

You can also have a bilingual business card if you are a global player and have to deal with non-English speaking countries (Japan, China, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, etc). In such a scenario you can use the extra space to print your details both in English and the native language of the country you are doing business with. But when doing so, please be cautious and get your text reviewed and verified by a foreign linguistic expert.

These types of cards give you the extra space to list your products and services along with your details. You can have your details on the front and have your products and services listed on the back, along with a colored background image. Another option to help avoid having anything printed on the image can be to get an image on the front and the list on the back separately.

Double sided business cards can be effectively used as coupons also, wherein you can have your information and photograph on the front side and use the back side of the double sided business card to print a coupon or promotional venture.

Though these cards are also used as calendars by some people, it is not a good option as the print is so small that it is generally not readable by most people, and consequently are not used by them.

You might try to encourage them to hold onto your business card by providing them with a calendar on the back of the card; your prospective client might not find it very valuable and might not appreciate the utility of your double sided business card.

These cards can be used effectively as an inexpensive way to double your marketing efforts. You can use the back side of your card to print the demographic data of a survey which reflects the quality and monopoly of your product in the market.

Remember that the back side of your double sided business card is a bonus that you can easily use to your advantage by utilizing it as an effective advertising platform for your product or services.

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