International Business Card Sizes & Aspect Ratios

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International Business Card Sizes & Aspect Ratios

When planning a business trip overseas, the most basic and essential tool in your arsenal is your business card. In preparation for your trip, it’s a good idea to have your business card professionally translated and printed in the specific target language of the region you are visiting. Ideally, one should have English on one side, and the translated target language on the other.

However, we often get asked about international business card sizing. Will a standard (2” x 3.5”) US-sized business card work overseas? Will sizing be different? What are the typical sizes (and aspect ratios) for international business cards? Well, hopefully this blog post will assist you.

Q: Will a standard (2” x 3.5”) US-sized business card work overseas?

A: Certainly. Even though business cards are a slightly different size in foreign countries, many are very close to US-sizing. US-sized business cards will work just fine overseas.

Q: Will sizing be different?

A: Yes, but only slightly. Each country has different standard sizing for business cards. Some countries have sizing that is literally different by only one millimeter. Thus, feel confident that your US-sized business cards will be fine for use in international markets. One does not need to custom print business cards in foreign size specifications for use overseas.

Q: What are the typical sizes (and aspect ratios) for international business cards?

A: Since we specialize in Asian business cards, here is a list of the standard business card sizing and aspect ratios for countries in Asia:

Chinese business cards:
Size: 3.543” × 2.125” (90mm × 54mm); Aspect Ratio: 1.667
(This applies to China, Hong Kong, Singapore)

Japanese business cards
Size: 3.54” × 2.165” (90mm × 55mm); Aspect Ratio: 1.636

Korean business cards:
Size: 3.54” × 2.165” (90mm × 55mm); Aspect Ratio: 1.636

USA Business Cards:
Size: 3.5” × 2” (88.9mm × 50.8mm); Aspect Ratio: 1.75

In summary, you will be perfectly fine bringing your US-sized business cards overseas to China, Japan or Korea. There are subtle differences in business card sizing by comparison, but these differences will not convey any negative connotations when exchanging business cards in Asia.

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