How Do I Receive Files From

How Do I Receive Files From

In most cases, we will deliver all final electronic business card files via email. This allows us to accept files from all over the globe, and deliver files directly to your email account for the fastest service possible. If email delivery is a problem, we can place files on our outgoing FTP/web directory, or dropbox link, or submit final files directly to your print vendor. Printed cards are shipped via UPS.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for ordering translated business cards.

You can also use our express FREE Asian Business Card Translation Quote Request Form to select your options and receive a detailed quote for your exact order.

Japanese, Chinese & Korean Business Card Translation, Typesetting & Printing Experts

We specialize in typesetting, printing and Asian business card translation into all languages serving Asia. We have a specific focus on popular Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Our specialists can create Japanese business cards for your trip to Japan. We also handle both Simplified & Traditional Chinese business cards for China or Taiwan. If you’re heading to Korea, we can also provide Korean business cards to you as press-ready PDF files or printed cards shipped directly to your door. If you are visiting Vietnam, we can also create Vietnamese business cards for you. Lastly, we also are experts in translation and typesetting for Arabic business cards. We are happy to provide you with a free quote for your next project. Please contact us for more details.